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With our skill in home renovation, you may enhance your living experience in Dubai. Maximize the possibilities within your area.

One time or another, we all have wished for a redo button in our life. Though our wish may remain ungranted in that regard, you can see your desire of turning your house into a dream home fulfilled with REDO.

Transform your house into a home with Redo, the best renovation company in Dubai at your back. We will renew your space, enhancing your living experience in Dubai with our skillset in home renovation. Dive into the maximized possibilities within your area with our expertise in the renovation industry.

Maximizing Space Smart Solutions for Home Renovation in Dubai

There are times when you want to reinvent your home giving it a minimalistic outlook without having to say farewell to every cherished item or nostalgic memories that you hold dear. The answer to the common dilemma in these times is to maximize the space smart solutions when renovating your home. REDO specializes in implementing this approach to home renovation in Dubai.

Maximizing your storage space comes with a myriad of benefits: effective utilization of the available space, a neater appearance, an aesthetic appeal without compromising on the practicality. Moreover, maximizing the storage space makes the most out of the available smaller spaces.

With the necessary support and professional assistance, your can have your home more organized and say farewell to the cluttered look. With the right tools, complete resources and practical services, you can give your space a whole new appearance.

Innovative Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Small spaces call for innovative storage solutions. Your treasured belongings, your cherished possessions and absolute essentials do not need to be considered synonymous with clutter or a disheveled pile of mess. Implementing innovative storage solutions can give all your things a home while keeping your home organized.

There are different ways to introduce innovate storage solutions:

  • Attics: Consider installing attics when renovating your home. This way you will have extra space to organize the disorganized.
  • Upper Cabinets: Upper cabinets are a practical solution to increase storage space in a small area. With the right color palette and theme, the aesthetic appeal of your house can definitely be increased.
  • The Door Back: Hang your keys, coats and shrugs behind your doors. All you need is a tiny space and some clever installation of a few hooks.
  • Floating Shelves: When you are renovating your home, floating shelves can be a valuable option to consider. With floating shelves, you go for a modern and organized look, keeping the clutter at bay.
  • Multipurpose furniture: Furniture’s that serve multiple purposes signify they do not merely occupy space, they also make up for it by offering storage options to make up for the occupied place.
  • Lift Top Coffee Tables: If you want to double your coffee table as your working space, lift top coffee tables are what you are seeking.

Smart Appliance Integration for Space Efficiency

Scattered devices, tangled cords, out-of-place looking appliances, mismatch colored machines can be something off putting when you are pondering over renovating and all the dream aesthetics you come up may fill you with dread. This impending dread can be avoided by integrating smart appliances. This not only provides space efficiency, rather encouraging you to embrace aesthetics and practicality.

Top Trends in Home Renovation for Dubai Properties

When you are seeking home renovation in Dubai, you should be familiar with the emerging trends. Keeping up with the latest top trends in home renovation ensures that you do not regret your decision later in terms of design and outdated looks.

Some of the top trends in home renovation for Dubai properties are:

Optimizing Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor landscape of Dubai is ever evolving and the human instinct to keep in touch with the nature has been keeping up reflected in the outdoor living spaces becoming one of the top trends in home renovation for the Dubai properties. Outdoor kitchens, patios, large windows with scenic views are here to stay.

Emphasizing Open-Concept Floor Plans

Open concept floor plans that serve multiple functions are another one of the top trends in home renovation in UAE. Floor plans that give room to work in a open and collaborative environment have been a trend. Similarly, repurposing or defining a particular purpose for these open floor plans has also been emphasized in the latest trends.

Trends to Watch: What’s Hot in Dubai Renovation

What has been here, what is here now to stay and what is hot on the list that needs to be watched as it climbs its way on the list of top trends all the way to the top is covered.
Some of the trends that should be on your watch list are”

  • Live Smart, Integrate Smart Living
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Biophilic Elements –  Building Connections with Nature in Urban Spaces 
  • Multifunctional Spaces
  • Warm Neutrals & Bold Accents
  • The Mixture of Earth Tones and Textures
  • Outdoor Living Rooms
  • The Art Decorations Return
  • Personalized Luxury
Live Smart, Integrate Smart Living

Integrating smart appliances and smart home systems symbolize the regular advancements in technology sector that Dubai has been known for. Renovations in Dubai have been integrating the smart home systems which control the security, lighting and temperature. Modern, efficient and futuristic is what we will call this trend.

Eco-Friendly Design

As the world is opting for more eco-friendly options that would be efficient in utilizing energy and save natural resources, Dubai has been at the forefront with its design market as renovations have embraced solar panels, recycled materials and energy-efficient appliances.

Biophilic Elements –  Building Connections with Nature in Urban Spaces 

Biophilic Elements with the emphasis on building connects with the outdoor have made waves. Indoor gardens, outdoor kitchens and designs that help one build their connection with nature while working in urban environments is one of the emerging trends in the renovation market in UAE.

Multifunctional Spaces

Spaces that serve multiple functions such as home offices, hybrid work spaces, workout areas integrated into living rooms are another one you should keep an eye on.

Warm Neutrals & Bold Accents

Warm neutrals accompanied by bold accents that make the designs pop are now here to stay. Embrace the warmth of neutrals like beige, creamy white and earth browns.

The Mixture of Earth Tones and Textures

Inspired by the desert landscape of Dubai, Dubai’s renovated interiors have introduced incorporating earth tones and rich textures. 

Outdoor Living Rooms

The outdoor living rooms provide an outlook to the outdoor scenic view while offering a room to relax in the confines of indoors. Building connections with the natural environment has been on the priority list on home renovation ideas in Dubai. 

The Art Decorations Return

Classic meets modern with the return of the art decor in Dubai’s interior design. The art decorations offer intricacies of designs as well as provide an aesthetically pleasing sight to behold.

Personalized Luxury

Another emerging trend in 2024 is the personalized luxury. Customized furniture, decor, and commissioned art pieces ensure the grandeur and ambiance of luxury homes.

With our personalized services and assistance, you can have a REDO button for your home.

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