Kids Room Renovation Guide – Transform Their Space with Style

A home is supposed to be the safest place. It is a sanctuary. The room makeover where the kids live a huge portion of their life is a haven for them. They will grow up there, make memories of their childhood and brave the storms of adolescence. Their room will be filled with their laughter and mischief and of course, a good night sleep. Give them the best rooms that is perfect for their studies and sports. With kids room renovation, you leave no monsters hiding under their beds.

There are so many kids room renovation ideas to choose from. It is better to keep in mind that the space needs to be beautiful and functional. Approach kids room renovation with careful planning. Make a list of all your ideas so you do not run into headfirst. Research some kids room ideas in UAE too. This way you will walk into the process of kids room renovation in Dubai with clear objectives. Being clear about what the parents and kids want for the room turns into a fun experience.

Tips for a Successful Kids Room Renovation

Some points to remember for a kids room renovation in Dubai:

Be inclusive of the hobbies of the kids: This builds a relationship of mutual respect. It also acknowledges their interest and encourages their passion.

Do not overcrowd the space: Kids get overwhelmed easily. It is better to have defined focal points and cleverly hidden storage. Create dedicated storage space for the children. It builds a sense of security in the children.

Include play area for the kids because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Do not forget to add a study area too.

Safety is the first priority: Use materials and accessories that are child friendly. Install childproof locks on doors and windows.

Plan a functional layout: Have plenty of space to play, study and relax. Build a flow of movement.

Include themes that match the passions and interests of your kids. This includes princess themes, superhero themes and animals. Their favorite sport can be put in the limelight too.

Make a creativity spot: Encourage their imagination. Add a chalkboard wall. Design a particular spot for projects and crafts. Provide them supplies and storage for art material. Have an easel in their little art nook.

Another one in kids room ideas in UAE is to let the kids spill their personality into the room. Display their proud achievement. Hang their artworks.

Incorporate Ample Storage Solutions

It is not an unseen sight that the books, toys and clothes of kids overspill, scattering and making a mess in the room. The kid does not need to part ways with their toys to make room for more storage. Using multifunctional storage instead will solve this problem. Incorporate storage solutions. Shelves, drawers, storage bins and toy chests make a room more organized.

Go for bunk beds. They save space. They make the room appear less cluttered. They are fun looking. They are popular among children. So experiment with adding a bunk bed in the room when you are having kids room renovation done.

Color themes for Functional Layout

Bold colors are known to be energizing. Softer colors sooth the mind and makes the children feel relaxed. Here are some color themes to give your kids room renovation ideas.

Fuchsia with hints of white and teal makes the space pop. It has the vibrant energy bouncing off it. This will make for a good color theme for active kids who want their bedroom painted bright pink. White and teal balance out the shade of pink. They do not let the space feel overwhelming.

Baby blues are very popular. Darker and more vibrant shades of blue with hints of white make the room more fun and attractive to kids.

Bright purple combined with yellow have all the vibrancy of darker colors and all the freshness of the sunlight.

Types of Room renovation for Kids

There are many types of kids room renovation in Dubai. A sport themed bedroom is perfect for kids who are partial to sports. Hang sport related wallpapers near to their study nook.

Functional but fun renovation is another type. It is best suited for rooms shared by siblings. It will have bunk beds or double beds.

A shared room style of kids room renovation will incorporate hobbies of all the kids sharing the room. This type recognizes the unique tastes of each kid. It is cohesive in the flow.

Another type of kids room renovation is contemporary and modern style. It is suitable for children and teenagers.

Focus on Combining Play and Study Areas

Use kids room renovation ideas to make learning more fun or the kids. Children are great at learning subtly. Turn their bedroom into their first learning space. There are more kids room ideas in UAE to teach kids about the ways of the world.

Use kids room renovation to have maps painted on the wall. Decorate their study desks with origami figures of their favorite animals. Place their favorite dinosaur plushies strategically around the room.  Add wall art of different butterfly species. Use different colors, textures and materials to furnish the place.

Provide them with comfortable chair and desk. Include bookshelves to store books. Have a strategic hidden storage for school supplies.

Integrating Modern Gadgets

Kids are not ready for screen time. They are exposed to computers and tablets early on. This is harmful for them.

Modern technology can be integrated to turn up the style of kids room renovation in UAE a level further. Use interactive displays. Set the mood with smart lighting. Select the setting of TV and other devices to turn off after they have watched the screen for a certain duration. Have these switch off automatically once bed time nears.

Selecting Age-Appropriate Furniture

Choose furniture with smooth edges. Secure heavy furniture to the wall. Avoid any kind of furniture with sharp edges.

If it is possible, go for flexible furniture. Kids are in a growing age and they grow fast. Prefer the ones that are adaptable to the child’s continuous growth. Choose a convertible crib. It will transform from a bed to a desk. It is adjustable to different heights too.

Maximizing Natural Light and Ventilation

Kids participate in a lot of activities in their bedroom throughout the day. They play with their toys scattered across the floor. They complete their much detested homework. They take part in play fights. They read storybooks. All of these activities need a good amount of lighting.

Multiple layered lighting fulfills the different needs. Use task lights. Place table lamps. Include soft lighting in the room. Use a combination of natural light and overhead light. Nightlights will make bedtimes more ambient.

Make sure there is enough ventilation in the room. A ventilated room is a must for good health of kids. Treat your children to a great surprise. Contact us for kids room renovation.

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