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Color Theory for Renovation — Elevate Your Home Space

Ever looked at a child’s could-have-been-a-masterpiece drawing and grimaced to yourself that it could have been a masterpiece if he only had picked the right colors to paint it instead of going for the mismatched neon scribbles of colors that don’t even complement each other in the picture? Yeah…we all have been there. REDO has mastered the art of UAE color theory for renovation.

We transform your house into a home of your dreams with carefully curated palettes and timeless design principles. We also bring you valuable tips today to help you explore the effects of light on your color selection, decide how bold or subtle you need to be with color intensity, know what’s trending currently with modern palettes and understand the psychology of color when it comes to home renovation.

Exploring the Impact of Light on Color Selection

To see something under a different light. Bet you have heard that one before. But these are not just words with no deeper meaning behind them. The light temperature and position affects your color perception giving things another perspective altogether.

Light impacts the color selection when you are applying color theory for renovation Dubai.

The color selection in your home is affected by many factors concerning light:

  1. Light source
    • Amount of natural light in your home.
    • Amount of artificial light in your space.
    • Combination of artificial and natural light.
  2. Quality of light.
  3. Direction of light.
  4. Different times in a day.

Light affects your color selection depending on what your light source is: the amount of natural light your house is getting, the amount and placement of artificial light fixtures in your home, the direction natural light is coming to your space and even different times of day have different intensities of light.

  • North-facing rooms
    The light in rooms facing north is often cool and bluish with lighter colors looking washed out and subdued. Bolder colors appear better in these rooms.
  • South-facing rooms
    In these rooms, lights seem the dark colors look brighter.
    • East-facing rooms
      In these rooms, the light is warm before noon but turns blue later in the day. East-facing rooms are best painted with reds, yellows, and oranges.
  • West-facing rooms
    Pretty and warm evening light is present in west-facing rooms.

Role of Light Temperature in Color Perception

Artificial lightning and temperatures have a significant role in shaping up our color perception. Color temperature is measured in Kelvin. It rates color tones.

Lower temperatures ranging from 2700K to 3000K suggest warmer tones. To contrast this, higher temperatures indicate cool tones.

Dark colors look brighter while light colors seem washed out with bulbs having high temperatures. Bold, saturated colors work best with a lot of natural light whereas rooms with less light call for dull, saturated colors.

Maximizing Natural Light in Your Renovation

Maximize natural light when considering color theory for renovation Dubai. It benefits you by saving your energy when your need for any artificial light is reduced during daytime. This way you end up paying lower electricity bills saving you some money too.

Natural light highlights your space in all the right places making it appear brighter. It also makes your home welcoming, open, spacious and refreshing. Natural lighting improves the overall mood of your home making it aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

We have quite a few tips for color theory ideas for renovation when it comes to maximizing natural light in your home setting.

  • Use light colors on walls. It reflects and amplifies the natural light.
  • Paint the eaves of your home white. It will reflect the natural light and increase brightness in all the rooms.
  • Go for light colored or reflective surfaces and metallic finishes.
  • Avoid using heavy curtains blocking sunlight. It maximizes the use of your windows.
  • Install mirrors.
  • Get a lighter window treatment of sheer materials like curtains or light-filtering shade.
  • Replace your internal walls with glass partitions.
  • Clean your windows regularly.
  • Decorate your space with light colored furniture.
  • Make use of reflective accessories.

Bold vs. Subtle: Deciding on Color Intensity

When deciding on the color intensity of your place, you will have to figure out which type of personality you want to give to your space: do you want to go all out with bold statements or do you wish to drop subtle hints through your chosen accents? 

You have to ponder whether you are partial to pastels and softer colors or if you consider yourself a magpie; drawn to jewel tones and highly saturated colors. Whatever your answer is, it will be the deciding factor setting the tone and mood of your home.

Bold Colors in Small Spaces: Tips and Tricks

There are some tips and tricks to use splash of bold colors in small spaces:

  1. Use different kind of houseplants.
  2. Introduce jewel tones or colors in your space that complement the woodwork in your home.
  3. Experiment with some bold stripes.
  4. Make use of a statement chair.
  5. Try using a colorful coffee table.

Considerations for Choosing Bold Colors in Renovation

There are a few considerations for you when choosing bold colors in home renovation. It will also give you some color theory ideas for renovation.

  • Be mindful of the space where you will be applying these bold colors. You would want a color harmony present and not an imbalance that could ruin both you and your home’s mood.
  • A wall in your bedroom may be your top choice for your favorite color which puts you at an ease. A wall in your dining room will be the perfect contestant for tints of red. Your living room wall will serve its purpose with all its intent with light gray colors with hints of some cooler tones or different accents.
  • Your furniture should complement and contrast the grander scheme of palette, not clash with it. The right choice of color and texture of your cushions makes your space really pop.
  • Different shades of the same color in different materials is a clever way to elevate your space. Your curtains can share the same color with your couch cushions.

Color Trends: Incorporating Modern Palettes in Renovation

Having an awesome color palette elevates your space. Color palettes are usually made with:

  • Contemporary colors
  • Warm tones and cool tones
  • Color families
    • Pastels
    • Earth tones
    • Jewel tones

Some modern palettes trending currently to give you color theory ideas for renovation are:

  • Black and white
  • Gold and ivory
  • Sunset hues — deep reds, burnt orange and warm yellows
  • Coral, cream, and beige
  • Earthy neutrals — clay, muted greens and terracotta
  • Mint, white, and metallic tones
  • Muted pastels — mint green, powder blue, blush pink
  • Navy, white, and gold
  • Deep gray and white
  • Warm grays
  • Natural wood or stone with pale gray
  • Earthy greens — forest green, sage and olive green
  • Natural accents paired with white
  • White, tan and moss green
  • Forest green coupled with a light neutral

Understanding the Psychology of Color in Home Renovation

Knowing UAE color theory for renovation means you get that colors have a psychological impact that affects our moods, influences our emotions and induces feelings of various kinds. 

For example, warm tones like yellow and red increase appetite and make your space look vibrant and lively. However, too much red can overwhelm your senses making it hard to relax. Red and yellow colors are perfect for your dining areas. Contrastingly, cool greens and blue create a calm environment.

You can elevate your space, find a contentment within your heart and soul and above all enjoy a great REDO of your home by truly understanding color theory for home renovation. If you are looking for someone to help you elevate your home space, then why look for the rest when you have got the best right here. REDO takes immense pride in having mastered the art of UAE color theory for renovation.

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