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Welcome to Redo Renovations, where your vision for a better home becomes a reality. We’re here to transform every corner of your Dubai home, making it uniquely yours. From upgrading kitchens and bathrooms to refreshing all the spaces in between.

Whether you live in an apartment, villa, or any house in Dubai, our goal is to bring out the best in your space, ensuring it reflects your personality and comforts you every day.

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Redo Renovations is backed by a team of skilled professionals with a wealth of experience in revamping homes across Dubai. Their extensive background in home renovations reflects a dedication to quality craftsmanship and a track record of successful projects. Their attention to your vision ensures a smooth and rewarding renovation experience. Contact us today.

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At Redo, we go beyond mere renovations; we enrich your everyday living with.

Craftsmanship Excellence

Our skilled professionals promise exceptional results, delivering meticulous craftsmanship that surpasses all expectations. From precise installations to impeccable detailing, every aspect of your renovation reflects our commitment to excellence.

Your Vision, Personalized

Each project is crafted to match your lifestyle and preferences, ensuring a unique and personal touch in every corner of your space. Your vision becomes the blueprint, guiding our dedicated efforts to make your dream space a reality.

Quality Assurance

We prioritize top-tier materials and durable finishes, guaranteeing lasting satisfaction and a sense of enduring quality in your revitalized space. Your home not only looks amazing but also stands the test of time.

What we offer

Kitchen Renovation

Transform your kitchen into a hub of modern elegance. Our meticulous installations of new countertops, cabinets, and fixtures not only elevate aesthetics but also enhance functionality, offering you a stylish and functional space to cook and entertain.


Bathroom Renovation

Indulge in comfort and luxury. Our bathroom revamps with new tiles, fittings, and elegant touches not only elevate the ambiance but also offer a serene retreat, making your bathing experience a luxurious affair every day.


Flooring Renewal

Upgrade your home's ambiance with carefully selected modern flooring options. Tailored to your style and preferences, these flooring choices not only enhance aesthetics but also ensure durability and comfort.


Interior Renovation

Refresh your rooms with trendy paint and decorative details, breathing new life into your space. This renovation results in a renewed, sophisticated atmosphere, reflecting your style and personality.


Smart Storage Solutions

Maximize space efficiency with our innovative storage designs. From shelves to hidden storage and personalized closet designs, we ensure your home stays organized without compromising on style.


Lighting Installation

Upgrade to energy-saving lights to enhance ambiance while reducing energy consumption. Our lighting installations add depth and warmth to your spaces, creating an inviting atmosphere.


Appliance Integration

Seamlessly integrate new, efficient appliances into your kitchen or bathroom. Our installations not only improve functionality but also blend seamlessly with your redesigned space.


Exterior Revamp

Boost your home's curb appeal with a fresh coat of paint or landscaping updates. Our rejuvenating exterior transformations redefine your home's exterior aesthetic.


Modern Windows & Doors Installation

Opt for sleek, energy-efficient installations that elevate style and improve home performance. Our installations offer both aesthetic appeal and increased efficiency.


Electrical and Plumbing

Ensure safety and efficiency with modern fixture updates. Reliable functionality is our priority, ensuring your home's essential systems operate smoothly.


Accessibility Modifications

Enhance inclusivity with thoughtful additions. Ramps, handrails, and other accessibility modifications ensure everyone feels welcome and comfortable in your space.


HVAC Installation

Experience unparalleled comfort and climate control with our professional HVAC installation services. From precise system fitting to optimized performance, we guarantee a cozy and perfectly tempered space throughout the year.

How Else REDO Can Help in Dubai

Not sure which style suits you best? Our professionals are here to guide you, specifically within the vibrant landscape of Dubai. With their expertise, they’ll assist in uncovering and refining your unique style preferences, ensuring your home reflects both your personality and the essence of this dynamic city. Whether it’s modern chic or traditional elegance, trust our seasoned professionals to help you find the perfect fit for your Dubai home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the frequently asked questions regarding Redo Renovations' services

Our kitchen remodeling services encompass a range of upgrades, including new countertops, cabinets, and fixtures. We focus on not just enhancing aesthetics but also improving functionality to provide you with a stylish and functional space for cooking and entertaining.

Our luxurious bath updates involve revamping bathrooms with new tiles, fittings, and elegant touches. We aim to create a serene retreat, elevating the ambiance and transforming your bathing experience into a luxurious affair every day.

Our lighting installations not only upgrade to energy-saving lights for enhanced ambiance but also reduce energy consumption. This addition adds depth and warmth to your spaces, creating an inviting atmosphere while ensuring cost-efficiency.

We offer carefully selected modern flooring options tailored to your preferences. These choices not only enhance aesthetics but also ensure durability and comfort, allowing you to upgrade your home’s ambiance with ease.

Our interior refinement services focus on refreshing rooms with trendy paint and decorative details. This renovation results in a renewed, sophisticated atmosphere, reflecting your unique style and personality.

Our exterior revamp services range from boosting curb appeal with fresh coats of paint to landscaping updates, redefining your home’s exterior aesthetic and enhancing its overall look.

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