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Forget about your old, dusty floors and enjoy new wooding flooding with REDO! We can provide you with top-notch solutions for your flooring solution in Dubai. Receive professional and honest hardwood floor renewal and transform your space in the most effective way. Save your money and time thanks to our professional support and enhance your home with us.

Trust our experts and bring the best out of your space with even the simplest of renewals. We take wooden flooring renovation to the next level, providing you with top-notch materials and solutions.

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Your home is more than just an investment, it is the place where you build a life. So, doing the most to feel comfortable in it should be your priority. If you want to change the way you see your space, REDO is the ideal partner. With our team you can revamp your floors and install the wood flooring you have been dreaming of. Make the most out of our tools and resources and take advantage of our expertise to remodel your home.

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Strong Alternatives

REDO gives you the strong floor alternatives you have been looking for. From laminate flooring to wood flooring, we have everything in between for you. Make the most out of our solutions and select the best services for your needs.

Cost-Friendly Services

Save money and time thanks to our services and make sure to add a big value to your home. With us, you can obtain quality products while keeping your budget in place. Refresh your space and give a new look to your house now.

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Our team is full of experienced professionals that can give you the top installation experience you have been looking for. We can refinish or install your wood or laminate flooring in no time.

How REDO Can Help In Dubai?

REDO understands the art of flooring. We work with the best flooring materials and give you the professional experience that you deserve. Let us manage your floor installation and take your home to a whole new level. Transform your home in the easiest of ways, receive a high-quality service, and save money while doing so.

frequently asked questions

The time it takes to renew a floor usually varies according to the size of the projects and the requirements of our clients. Usually, a medium-sized floor renewal project can take up to two months if there are no surprises along the way.

Renewing your wood flooring is a great ideal if you want to repair your old and damaged flooring. There are different ways how our team can take on this particular challenge, and they depend on the level of damage that your floors have. Some may need just a quick polish and clean, while others require sanding down, buffing, and coating with a stain protector.

We recommend that you dust, sweep, and vacuum your flooring to keep them up and avoid damages after a renewal. However, you have to use the right tools according to the type of floor that you have, so you do not scratch or stain it when cleaning.

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