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Dubai is a city where heat scorches the land while dreams soar high and reality makes waves. Excitement to move ahead buzzes as the sound of success echoes throughout the horizons. People who plan to accomplish great things are not afraid to dream big. But big dreams should not be defeated by mere inconveniences.

Your greatest visions of reaching the peak of your endeavors should not remain unfulfilled due to the mighty heat that frequents the landscapes of UAE. To combat the heat, you need cooling solutions. And cooling solutions are best served by experts. For all your AC installation in Dubai, REDO is your resident cooling solution expert and the best AC installation provider in UAE.

From initial assessment to final testing, REDO’s experts are highly dedicated to providing efficient and effective AC installation service in Dubai that will meet not only your schedule and budget but also exceed your expectations.

Common Mistakes to Avoid During AC Installation

In your enthusiasm to steer away from your problems, you should not be running into more of them. When doing AC installation in Dubai, there are some common mistakes that can happen. These mistakes are to be avoided whenever you are having an AC installed. Otherwise, your efforts may be in vain neither, nor we at REDO want that. Here, we bring you a list of some common mistakes that you need to avoid.

Improper Sizing of the AC Unit

Improper sizing of the AC unit is something that can seem so insignificant at the surface yet happen to be so great at the grand scheme of things. For AC installation UAE, you should be mindful of its size. The same shoe size does not fit everyone. Nor does an AC unit everywhere.

Incorrect Placement of the Outdoor Unit

You need to correctly place the outdoor unit for AC installation UAE. When installing an AC unit, you need to be careful about the placement of outdoor units of the AC system.

What is the difference between AC & HVAC?

One of the main differences between HVAC and AC is that AC is a cooling system whereas HVAC refers to something much bigger. HVAC is the heating, cooling and ventilation system. In simpler words, AC might even be a part of the HVAC system.

An HVAC system often contains the following:

  1. A furnace or a heat pump to provide heating
  2. An air conditioner or a heat pump to provide cooling
  3. A thermostat to regulate temperature settings
  4. A network of ducts to distribute cool or warm air throughout your space
  5. A fan or a blower to circulate the air
  6. An air filter to remove:
  • Contaminants in the air
  • Dust
  • Pollens

An HVAC system is used to provide both heating and cooling functions. These heating and cooling functions may be performed with a single unit or even separate units.

Your choice of an HVAC system will depend upon your budget, preferences and the space you have available at hand. There are different HVAC systems for you to choose from. These different HVAC systems are:

  1. Split system
  2. Packaged system
  3. Hybrid system
  4. Geothermal system
  1. Split System
    Split systems have some components located inside while some components are located outside.
  2. Packaged System
    All the components are housed in one cabinet on the outside.
  3. Hybrid System
    Hybrid systems are those systems where you can switch the power sources from gas to electric or vice versa.
  4. Geothermal system
    Geothermal systems have underground pipes to exchange heat with earth.

If you need HVAC or AC installation service in Dubai, REDO is your best friend.  

On the other hand, Air Conditioning systems or AC systems are used to remove heat and moisture from the air in your space, cooling down the air of your room, home, or office.
An AC system often contains the following:

  1. A compressor to pressurize refrigerant.
  2. A condenser coil to release heat outside.
  3. An evaporator to absorb heat inside.
  4. An expansion valve to regulate refrigerant flow.

Benefits of Professional AC Installation Services

Taking a decision in the heat of a moment is usually advised against. Same stands true for taking important decisions in unbearable heat. Cool down the extreme heat while not cooling down the momentum of your important activities. With a professional AC installation service, make the best decisions.
There are many benefits of having your AC installed by professionals. Reduced potential risks, safe installation and correct placements, to name a few. Below we share more benefits of professional AC installation service in Dubai:

Minimizing Risk of Costly Repairs

Using professional AC installation services minimizes the risk of costly repairs. Installing AC units safely and doing it right is better than doing it cheap and doing it unsafe. Installing AC units DIY style can mean costly repairs. Professional AC installation service provider in the UAE can help you in minimizing these costly repairs.

Long-Term Performance and Reliability

Long-term performance and reliability are a guarantee with professional AC installation services. With a professional AC installation provider in UAE, you can rest easy knowing that your AC units will last longer, perform better and will be a relief in the long run. Letting professionals do AC installation UAE is a sure way to have a great performing cooling or heating system for your space.

DIY vs. Professional AC Installation: Which is Better?

On the surface, DIY AC installation can present itself as a cost effective option. It may even seem like a better choice. You need to know better though. It is necessary that you understand the difference between a DIY AC installation and a professional AC installation provider in UAE. You need to also be aware of any risks that may come with a DIY installation of an AC unit.

At the end of the day, hiring a professional AC installation provider in the UAE can save you in the long run. Having a professional AC installation provider in the UAE means ensuring your AC unit is installed safely and correctly.

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