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Times when the sun shines hot and bright in all its glory scorching the earth call for an air conditioner to save the day. Air conditioning systems keep the space cool and comfortable when it is gravely hot outside. We also discuss the advantages of AC maintenance Dubai and have included some tips for AC maintenance Dubai DIY style.

Even the bravest of us need to recharge. Air conditioners are no different; in the way they need regular maintenance. REDO brings you a guide on solutions to keep you cool and comfortable in Dubai’s heat.

Cost-Effective Benefits of Routine AC Maintenance in Dubai

Your air conditioner performs at its best with AC maintenance in Dubai. Taking appropriate care of your air conditioning unit saves you in the long run. Routine AC maintenance in UAE has a lot of advantages and cost-effective benefits, including energy efficiency, a greater lifespan of your unit, better air quality, and reduced costs. 

Here we share some of the benefits to AC maintenance Dubai.

Reduced Energy Bills

Inefficient air conditioning systems result in higher energy bills. With routine AC maintenance Dubai, you will see significantly reduced energy bills. Regularly maintained air conditioners are more efficient and cost less energy.

With the system accumulating dust and sand, the performance of the air conditioning machine is affected. It makes cooling the place harder. With the functioning affected, the cost increases and the machine consumes even more energy. Your air conditioner functions best when it’s been taken proper care of by a professional.

Extended Lifespan of Your AC Unit

When people neglect the necessary attention to maintenance of their air conditioning unit, it might fail before its due time. Not paying attention to maintenance of your air conditioner translates to components starting to malfunction or being worn down before their due time.

One of the greatest benefits of AC maintenance Dubai is your air conditioning system lasting longer. A routine Dubai AC maintenance extends the lifespan of your air conditioner. It ensures the machine operates effectively.

An AC maintenance company in Dubai tests and examines the part and whole system of the air conditioner. The company will identify any issues ranging from seemingly minor nuances to glaringly major ones.  It checks if the parts and system are properly functioning. This is a quicker way to identify any immediate problems. The parts will be replaced or repaired depending on their need.

Addressing these problems on time through routine maintenance prevents higher expenses for emergency repairs down the road.

Avoiding Emergency Breakdowns

Few things sound more tragic than an AC unit breaking down during summers. With AC maintenance in UAE, the system would continue working properly and not break down.

Identifies and solve any issues in time stopping them from becoming major problems. It will save you from the cost of unexpected repairs.

DIY AC Maintenance Tips for Dubai Residents

It is always better to let a professional handle it. However there are times where you need to take matters into your own hands. Whatever the reason, you might be looking forward to maintaining your air conditioning system yourself.

You will be making sure that the air conditioning machine continues to work smoothly. You have to perform some form of maintenance on it regularly to achieve that.  

Some DIY tips for AC maintenance in Dubai are:

  • Clean your filter.
  • Check the fan on condenser.
  • Monitor thermostat settings.
  • Clean and inspect air vents.
  • Examine refrigerant levels.
  • Check if they are emitting warm air.
  • See if there is odor coming from it.

Regular Filter Cleaning

The air filter is the most important part of the air conditioning unit. The greatest threat to the efficiency of your AC is posed by dirty filters. Dirty flirters limit the passage of cold air. Your machine will have to work harder with a clogged filter. A clogged filter restricts proper airflow. 

Clean your washable filters twice in a month. Install the filters if they are of a different type. Look up the minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) of the filter. It eagles from 1 to 12 for home AC units. The level of filtration depends on the number — the higher the MERV, the better its filtration will be.

For cleaning your filter regularly, here are some tips for when you are doing it yourself:

  • Locate your air filter. It is typically behind the removable panel of the indoor unit.
  • Remove the filter.
  • Set the setting of your vacuum cleaner to low suction and clean it.
  • You can also clean by rinsing it with warm water instead of using vacuum cleaner.
  • Do not forget to dry the filter completely before you reinstall it.

Keep in mind that a damp filter leads to mold growing.

Monitor Thermostat Settings

The thermostat is for keeping the temperature of your home ideal. Uneven cooling and Inaccurate temperature readings are a result of malfunctioning thermostat. Be sure to monitor your thermostat settings to check whether it is functioning well.

If there are problems in the triple-A battery of thermostat, simply change the battery.

Install programmable thermostat for central units. It lets you turn off the system through the app if you are out. This way you set higher temperatures for when you are not there and cooler temperatures when you are back home.

The newer window units come with adjustable thermostats and built-in timers. You can also opt for them. Or get a timer from a relevant store. Double check if it matches the voltage of your machine.

Inspect and Clean Air Vents

Air vents can collect dust in them. It affects the airflow and the air quality. Clean these vents regularly. This will ensure ventilation and a better airflow.

Understanding the Impact of Dust and Sand on Your AC in Dubai

It is quite possible for dust and sand particles to be stuck in the duct of your air conditioning machine. The dust and sand also impact the air quality of the air conditioner. By getting them out from the filter, it would improve the unit as well as the quality of air you are breathing.

For AC maintenance Dubai, get in touch with a reliable AC maintenance company in Dubai. 

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